The working glass by this company from Terranuova Bracciolini in the Arezzo Province, is a traditional expression of the Florentine Renaissance age, with high artistic and historical contents.


His estende production goes from glasses and plates to any kind of gift article all characterised by the extremely clean shake based from refined aesthetic quality, tank also to the final embroidery with brush using gold and silver.


The product of our company is addessed to the International clients, who are always looking for exlusive worldwide shops.


Decotech perfects it’s creations with a continuous research of new shake design, the refinement of the details and the quality of the finish.


The ingredient that truly characterises this company, is the passion for glass that transpires in every single piece and it is passed down trough generations of the Giorgi family who embolies the spirit.


The company aims are quality and bringing out its own brand the real “quintessenze” of the best Made in Italy;


Just in Time creative and yielding.


Total versatility in shape and pattern, joint with a good productive capacity.


Via VIII Strada Poggilupi, 160      


Tel.(+39) 055 91 99 941